At Kids Beyond Borders, we saw an opportunity that wasn’t being fulfilled for children to be exposed to hands on experiences with science, technology, engineering, and math.

Kids Beyond Border’s tour hosts have an extensive background and passion for the STEM fields, from hearing science to computer technology. Our goal is to excite and teach kids about these fields, and open their eyes to how their future could include a career in the wide range of opportunities in the STEM fields. We want to engage with them, be present, and be involved in their development.

We also offer traditional NYC and DC tours to explore our nation’s art and history.

We are a full service tour partner. We run all the pre-trip information meetings, we work with you to coordinate the custom trip of your dreams, we handle getting you and your group to the airport (or bus station), every aspect of the trip from start to finish has been planned and thought through by our team. Nothing will be your responsibility, you will just show up and enjoy the tour with your group!

Washington D.C. Educational Tours

We’re old school and believe in a personal touch. We’re your travel partner, not travel provider. You’ll see our faces and hear our voices throughout the entire process, not just emails and to-do lists. We’re not just providing a fun trip, we want to help the students grow while they’re on the trip and throughout their school experience. We want to help give them a vision for their future through engagement and involvement.

We are a teacher/administrator led organization. As much as we want to help kids, we also want to help the teachers, principals, guidance counselors, etc. who are shaping their lives every day. We have an exciting referral program for teachers who are interested in making some extra income during the slow summer months.

Our mission is to take kids beyond their borders, allowing them to discover the unknown, inspire curiosity through travel, and facilitate positive growth.

By taking them outside the classroom walls, we want kids to see their education come to life and get excited about learning. Our passion is for kids to experience history, art, and local culture in a way that inspires them to make a positive and productive impact in their own community.

Our DC guide was awesome. He always had ‘one more place’ to show us. I loved that.


I had no idea how much cool history we have in this country. I appreciate where I live more.


Food was excellent and VERY ACCOMMODATING. My boys are picky eaters and you all were very understanding!


I loved going to all the different memorials. The NYC guide took us to places we may not have ever thought of seeing.


Our son came back excited about the experience. What a blessing to see his transformation.