The official Tour Leader can either be a teacher from your school or it may be a Tour Leader from Kids Beyond Borders. The Tour Leader is supported by other chaperones as needed, usually either parents of traveling students or other teachers and administrators from your school. This person is often assisted by Kids Beyond Borders Tour Guide Specialists at the airport, on the bus and at the hotel. The educational part of the program is led by a local tour guide with experience connecting with students and sharing information about the attractions and destinations covered during the tour.

Whether you travel alone or with other schools depends on the size of your group. If we need to combine schools, we’ll do our best to find another local school for you to travel with. Schools that travel together generally form new lifelong friendships, which creates a fun dynamic.

Enrollment forms will be provided by the teacher(s) at the info meeting, or a PDF version can be emailed to you as well. You can request an enrollment form by clicking here.

Students typically room with three other students (four students to a room). Many programs allow students to select their own roommates prior to the trip. Ultimate approval of all roommate selections rests with the Tour Leader. Hotel rooms are furnished with either full or double beds that will likely be shared by other students of the same gender. If you wish to upgrade your room selection, please contact your representative for details.

Kids Beyond Borders selects 3- to 5-star hotels that are centrally located so that we can minimize bus travel, thus allowing more time for educational experiences. We strive to provide safe, quality accommodations throughout our programs. All of our domestic hotels are nationally recognized names, including Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn and many others.

The teacher leading the program makes the decision about parents participating on the trip and will assign any chaperones, as needed. Adults will be required to pay an additional cost, depending on the number of occupants per room. Typically, adults room together in double rooms. Please contact the teacher leading your program for specific details and/or questions, as well as for permission to participate in the trip.

Yes. Students with special needs or physical disabilities are welcome to travel with us, but they must let Kids Beyond Borders know at the time of their booking so that we can make every effort to accommodate the student’s needs. Students should ask the teacher leading their program to contact his or her Kids Beyond Borders Admissions Executive regarding any special needs so we can do our best to make the necessary arrangements. Please note that there may be some activities in which the traveler is unable to participate. Additionally, we recommend that students with special needs investigate the destination(s) to confirm if special care will be available. You may also want to review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travelers’ Health website for additional tips.

You will typically travel to the destination by either airplane or motor coach, depending on how far your group is from the tour destination. Once there, you will walk or take public transportation to many of the sites.

We use all major carriers; American, Delta, Southwest and United are our top carriers.

Our tour guides are local experts in the area’s history and attractions, ready to share fascinating stories about the sites. They are all well traveled, passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and are eager to be a part of your educational travel experience.

Every trip is customized, and what’s included may vary from trip to trip. A typical trip includes transportation (air or motor coach), hotel accommodations, meals, a daily tour guide, sightseeing activities, and educational content.

The minimum age to participate in a Kids Beyond Borders tour is 9 years old at the time of departure. There is no maximum age, but because our prices are based on student rates and a higher room occupancy, participants 23 years of age and older will be charged a slightly higher room rate for a single or double room, unless four adults are sharing a room.

Our trips generally require quite a bit of walking. Please contact Kids Beyond Borders with your concerns about any physical limitations.

This will vary depending on the airline; some airlines will credit your account and others cannot do so because you are flying on a group ticket. You will need to contact the airline directly, as Kids Beyond Borders is unable to negotiate frequent flyer miles on your behalf. It may be helpful to retain your boarding passes.

Kids Beyond Borders offers three convenient payment plans and accepts Visa and MasterCard (credit and debit), checks, electronic checking account payments (ACH), online banking and money orders.
Payments can be made online, over the telephone or by mail.

Checks should be made payable to:
Kids Beyond Borders
℅ Trip Payments
5913 Brave Eagle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80924

If you are unable to contact your child via his/her phone or if you cannot get in contact with the Tour Leader on their phone, we are glad to help. Call 612-701-5052 and we will do our best to put you in touch with your child as soon as possible.

Some travelers may have severe food allergies, all of which should be noted on the Medical Release Form. Tour Leader and chaperones are informed of these conditions, and we will do our best to accommodate dietary needs to the extent possible. However, we cannot guarantee special meals; therefore, please ensure your student is prepared with necessary snacks or foods.

We suggest $25-$30/day as a typical amount for souvenirs, t-shirts and incidentals for U.S. trips ($30-$50/day for international trips). A pre-loaded travel card is a great way to safely send the money with your student. Remember that all necessary costs are covered during the program.

Any special rooming requests (double occupancy, accessibility needs, etc.) must be submitted to and approved by the Tour Leader 120 days prior to departure.