Kids Beyond Borders believes learning isn’t limited to a traditional classroom setting—it can happen anytime, anywhere. In fact, we believe kids learn better when their education is complemented by the sights, sounds, smells and flavors of the real world. Seeing educational sites such as the Statue of Liberty and a Broadway show or, if you’d like, even eating from a food truck in New York will create a memory that lasts much longer than the next test. Beyond the classroom walls, education comes to life. Kids can see the real-life context of their lessons and begin to see how they fit into the world.

KBB’s mission is to give kids a travel experience that will be inspiring, educational and—of course—fun. Educational travel is our passion, and we want to see kids excited as well. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry. We offer several options, depending on your needs. With our Hands-Free Option, KBB can take care of all the details—from making travel arrangements and itineraries to leading your group on the tour. If you’d like, we’ll meet the group even before they get to the airport, and stay with them during the entire trip.

We also recognize that teachers know their students best and bring a perspective that no one else can replicate. That’s why we also offer the Hands-On Option, where teachers can lead a trip for their students. KBB will plan everything and pass the reins to the teacher when it’s time to travel.

Regardless of which option you choose, we are dedicated to making personal connections with the schools, teachers, parents and students that choose us. Our priority is to build a trusting relationship with our partners—that means you!